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At Terramed Phsio & Rehab, we provide a holistic approach to injury recovery that focuses on long-term rehabilitation and takes our patients from initial injury recovery to improved fitness and health.

Terramed Physio & Rehab

Terramed provides first class rehabiliation and physiotherapy in KL. We provide treatment and rehabilitation programmes that are not only tailored to your injury/pain, but also to your unique bodily characteristics as well as the goals agreed with you to return to your daily and/or sporting life. Every individual needs to heal in their own way.


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Sport Therapy

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Strength & Condition

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Our Services

Terramed Physio & Therapy offers the complete journey from post-injury recovery all the way to preventing new injuries by taking you through the various rehabilitation stages of Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Re-Conditioning. This means that we are taking the therapy and care normally provided to professional athletes and applying this your injuries, whether occurred as part of your daily lives or during sporting activities. We are also able to pick you up in the middle of your rehabilitation following initial therapy treatments elsewhere.

Our world-class team has spent their careers handling the injuries of top athletes and bringing them back to and beyond their initial strengths. Recognized as providing amongst the best physiotherapy in KL, together with our unique facilities, we are confident to bring the best rehabilitation and care to any of your injuries or recovery needs. You can learn far more below.



At Terramed, we differentiate between and treat both acute injuries and chronic pain to ensure you return to all your activities.


Post Surgery

One of the most important and critical application areas for physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation is during
post-surgical recovery.


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain develops and worsens. We focus on healing and strengthening the injured body part for long-lasting results.


Strength & Conditioning

We look beyond recovery and provide Strength and Conditioning Therapy (S&C) to help prevent further injuries in the future.

Learn More About Your Injuries

At Terramed we have extensive knowledge about the various types of Injuries and also the physiotherapy and rehabilitation methods for optimum recovery and return t your daily activities. Please click below to learn about your specific injury and how we treat it, otherwise please book an appointment with us so we can start your therapy at the soonest.

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