Post Surgery

Rehabilitation is a method of therapy that aims to help you regain, maintain, or develop the abilities you need to carry on with daily physical, mental or cognitive functions.

Post Suregy 

Surgical procedures are performed for a variety of reasons. The most important reason is to save or to prolong a life. Other reasons are to speed up the healing process, do investigation to make a diagnosis, correcting the congenital (new born) or accidental deformities, beauty purposes, and organ transplants (replacement) such as kidney transplant.

Rehabilitation is a method of therapy that aims to help you regain, maintain, or develop the abilities you need to carry on with daily physical, mental or cognitive functions. The normal human abilities can be impaired by diseases or injuries, or adverse effects of medical treatments. Rehabilitation can help you live a better life and operate better. Rehabilitation’s ultimate objective is to help you regain your normal functions and independence. However, the approach depends on each person’s problem, whether it is permanent or temporary and the severity of the condition.

There are several advantages to start rehabilitation as soon as possible following an illness, accident, or surgery. Reducing healing time, learning new life skills to manage the health condition, and pain treatment are a few of them. Amputation, arthritis, brain and spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, muscle and bone injuries, sports-related injuries, and stroke are some of the medical conditions that may require rehabilitation.

Typical Post Surgery Injuries

Types of Orthopaedics Post Surgery 

The branch of surgery that involves musculoskeletal system (bones, muscle, ligaments, tendons and joints).

Joint replacement procedure (Arthroplasty)

Procedure to replace an injured/damaged joint with a prosthetic or implant.
E.g Hip replacement, total knee replacement

Revision joint surgery

If an existing implant fails, it may be necessary to remove it and implant new one.

Arthroscopic procedure

Minimally invasive procedure in which the scope and surgical instruments are inserted through a keyhole incision in the surgery area.


Removal of dead/damaged tissue before the healing takes place

Bone fusion

Fusing two fractured bones together using grafting so that they can heal faster and are not malunited.

Soft tissue repair

The procedure focused on torn ligaments, tendons or meniscus to enhance proper healing.
E.g ACL reconstruction, meniscus repair, Achilles tendon repair

Internal fixation of bones

Places fractured fragments of the bone together and keeps them in place with rods, screws, plates, wires, and pins.


Normally done among paediatric patients when they have misaligned bone. This procedure helps to correct deformity so that the bone can grow aligned.


Spinal fusion

Joins vertebrae together to provide more stability to the spine or to repair damage to the spine.

Post Surgery Treatment

Post-surgery recovery requires different levels of attention at different phases of recovery.

At Terramed, we have different types of programs to provide the best level of recovery for post-surgical patients.

PHYSIOTHERAPY PROGRAMME for example, is divided into 3 different phases.

-Early Recovery phase-

This phase starts as soon as you are discharged from surgery. The main goals are as follows:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduce swelling
  • Restore joint range of motion
  • Regain early phase of mobility
  • Regain early phase muscle function
-Strength & mobility-

Once you have reached appropriate milestones, the focus of your recovery will be diverted towards normalizing mechanisms and strengthening your body. This will include more manual therapy with the aim of restoring full range of motion.  An increasing strengthening regimen will be prescribed as well as some introduction to balance and proprioception tasks. 

-Functional recovery-

Once you have regained sufficient strength, the focus of the recovery will progress towards functional recovery, which varies from person to person depending on his lifestyle and physical demands. 

Next to the physiotherapy program, we also offer the SPORTS REHAB PROGRAMME, which is essentiallyan accelerated program for those who wish to return to full recovery/sport at a more efficient rate.

The program has 2 definitive goals:

  • Firstly, to help patients regain their pre-injury levels of physical stamina and fitness (or better); and,
  • Secondly, it is designed to strengthen the individual by designing programs (specific to a sport) in strength, power, and endurance, which will prepare the injured person for a return-to-sport.

Similar to the physiotherapy program, rehabilitation exercises following post-surgical discharge usually begin as soon as possible with neuromuscular activation (for muscle stimulation) to prevent muscle loss (atrophy) and elicit faster healing. An exercise program will be designed for each phase of sports therapy rehabilitation and will progress dynamically according to the individual’s progress and adaptation. 

To achieve the above, we follow 6  Principles of Sports Rehabilitation to ensure optimal recovery and return-to-sport for the sportspersons and athletes:

  1. Performance Analysis
  2. Continuous Goal Setting
  3. Combination of Physiotherapy and Sports Science
  4. Individually Tailored Sports Rehabilitation Program
  5. Variation of Program based on Patient Progress
  6. Re-Analysis prior to return-to-sport.

Lastly, there is also the PREVENTION & RECONDITIONING PROGRAMME that focuses on long lasting recovery & minimising the risk of re-injury.

P&R bases on Strength & Conditioning and is catered to patients who have been discharged from rehabilitation. In this program, any residual weaknesses or imbalances are addressed and a tailored program is designed targeting the deficiency. That being said, goals are also to enhance strength, coordination & balance more specific to individual goals & objectives. 

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